Issue 37-48

Issues 37-48 highlighted the Community Needs Assessment of 2012/2013, the rebuild at Lime Tree Primary, the Bee Hives at the Moor Nook Allotments, the MCR Superstars events, the Mummies The Word project, the Community Stars employment project and a look at the Arts Award activities at the Community Learning Centre.

The celebrations for SMCP’s  10 year anniversary featured and the amazingly successful Camp Active holiday club. The redevelopment of the Norris Road Shop parade in 2016 was covered along with the Sale wide, Sale Art Zoo.

For issue 37 we looked into working with a local design agency to create  new look magazine, however it was universally disliked so we  went back to the original format.

The issues 37-48 cover a period between Winter 2012 and Summer 2016.

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A magazine for the community of Sale Moor.